Salters’ 626 Challenge

626 years ago, King Richard II granted the Salters’ Company its first licence to trade in salt. In these difficult times when we are not able to be together, the number 626 has provided the inspiration for the Salters’ 626 Challenge – raising much needed funds for Covid-19 relief of need: be apart, make a difference together.

Designed to be simple and fun, the challenge is to: Donate £6; Activity x2; Nominate 6.

Please visit the Salters’ 626 Challenge JustGiving page, where you can find more details, make your donation and share with your friends and family:

Covid-19 has had a major impact on already vulnerable people such as the elderly, those in poor health, the homeless, disadvantaged young people and deprived communities. At the same time, many charities have lost the invaluable income generated by large sporting events and sponsored activities.

The Salters’ 626 Challenge aims to raise funds for those affected by the ongoing impact of the pandemic whilst remaining socially distanced. Together we can make a huge difference to people in need and have lots of fun in the process!

Any questions can be directed to Kate Priest at as well as your photos, ideas and stories. Be apart, make a difference together.