First licensed in 1394, The Salters’ Company has its origins in the salt trade of medieval London. Ranked number nine in the order of precedence, it is one of the Great 12 Livery Companies and today The Salters’ Company is a diverse organisation responsible for several charitable foundations, important philanthropic work in science education and the fostering of fellowship among its members.

The role of Livery Companies

Livery Companies or Guilds have been part of the social and commercial fabric of Europe since medieval times. Originally founded to protect the interests of various trades and their practitioners, Livery Companies in the City of London now flourish as charitable patrons and guardians of history as well as performing an important role in the governance of the City.


The Salters’ Company is dedicated to excellence in chemistry education, civic life, fellowship and charitable giving.


  1. Generosity; Generous in spirit through fellowship, and in giving through philanthropy.
  2. Creativity; Creative, forward thinking, adaptable and innovative in both thinking and actions.
  3. Respect; Respectful of others through promoting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring the Company’s traditions evolve accordingly.
  4. Integrity; Demonstrate the highest level of accountability and transparency in decision making.
  5. Excellence; Promote excellence in governance and charitable activities.