Membership of the Company consists of up to 185 Members of the Livery and approximately 140 Members of the Freedom. Total membership averages just over 300 members, comprised of both men and women. All positions are held on a voluntary basis.

Becoming a Member

Categories of membership

There are three categories of membership of the Salters:

  1. Apprentice

This new level of membership applies to individuals who are aged 18-25 who are Salters’ prize-winners or Scholars. Each Apprentice is allocated an Apprentice Master.

  1. Freedom

There are two ways in which it is possible to enter the Company as a Member of the Freedom:

  • By Patrimony – this applies to those whose parents were Members of the Freedom or Livery at birth.
  • By Redemption – following recommendation by the Court & Livery Selection Committee.
  1. Livery

Election to the Livery is from the existing members of the Freedom, is by invitation only and is therefore competitive.


Step One: Introduction & Nomination

The process begins with potential applicants being introduced to the Company by an existing member of the Company. The applicant is then interviewed by the Clerk, followed by a panel if necessary, then proposed and recommended for consideration by the Court & Livery Selection Committee. Applications are reviewed quarterly.

Step Two: Freedom of the Salters’ Company

Recommendations from the Court & Livery Selection Committee are then considered by the Court and if the applicant is successful they will be sworn into the Freedom of the Company at the next convenient meeting of the Court of Assistants. Successful applicants become a Member of the Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Salters.

Step Three: Freedom of the City of London

A Member of the Freedom may then apply to become a member of the Freedom of the City of London, a prerequisite to becoming a Member of the Livery. This part of the process includes two visits to the Chamberlain’s Court in the Guildhall, the first taking place within three months of the Freedom ceremony. The second visit to the Guildhall, generally a month or so after the first, is for the Ceremony of Admission, which guests may attend.



The Court and Livery Selection Committee identifies a Member of the Freedom eligible to be elected to the Livery. A Member of the Freedom who wishes to progress to the Livery must have proven their commitment to the Company through giving, attendance at events and involvement with committees.