The Salters' Charitable Foundation


Charitable giving has always been key to the Salters’ Company and its members, and the Salters’ Charitable Foundation upholds this philanthropic tradition by distributing grants and donations to a wide range of causes.

Small annual contributions are made to around 20 organisations which are close to Salters’ hearts, including our military affiliates, charities with personal connections and City institutions.

SCF also awards several larger grants and bursaries each year, focused on two main priority themes:

  • London Citizenship & Community Development
  • Education (with a preference for science education at school and university level)

SCF seeks to complement the work of the Salters’ Institute by funding educational bursaries to assist disadvantaged young people in their studies. Funding is also offered to a range of charities supporting vulnerable people and our local communities.

As well as these two main donation streams SCF is also able, where funds allow, to make small one-off grants to causes of particular interest, emergency appeals and charities favoured by our members.

Please note that SCF does not accept unsolicited applications.

For all enquiries, please contact:  Kate Priest on 020 7588 5216 x235,