Court of Assistants

The Company is governed by the Court of Assistants (the Trustee) which is chaired by the Master and supported by the Upper Warden, Second Warden and Renter Warden, and consists of 21 Assistants who are senior members of the Livery who have served as Master (Past Master) and those who have not. The Court meets six times a year to determine policy and oversee Company affairs. The day to day administration is conducted by a permanent staff headed up by the Clerk. These positions are elected annually by the General Court, which consists of the Master, the three Wardens, the Court of Assistants and other members of the Livery.

The Masters and Wardens

After a satisfactory period serving as an Assistant, a Court Member becomes eligible to be elected to the offices of Renter Warden, Second Warden, Upper Warden and Master. Before being elected Renter Warden, an Assistant must have served at least one year on Court.

Election Day

Election Day takes place annually in June. For a year, the new Master commits himself or herself, with the Clerk's guidance, to the leadership of the Company.


The Company has 16 full and part time employees. The Clerk is the Chief Executive of the Company with overall responsibility for managing its assets and organising its various activities and initiatives – charitable, educational and those relating to the membership. The Company's business is conducted through a variety of committees.


As a Member of the Freedom or Livery, there are opportunities to become more involved in the Company and to sit on different committees. Only Court Members may sit on the Management Board and The Salters' Institute Board.

Election of the Lord Mayor

Together with all other Livery Companies, The Salters' Company plays an important role in the governance of the City of London, including the election of the Lord Mayor of the City of London and the two Sheriffs who serve as their assistants. Livery Companies also participate in ceremonial occasions like The Lord Mayor's Show, a popular event held the day after the Lord Mayor takes office in November which includes a procession to Westminster where the new Lord Mayor is sworn in.